Wayne M. Sotile, PhD

wayne sotile

Dr. Sotile, a consultant with VITAL WorkLife™, is an international thought leader on physician behavior and resilience for high performers. As a clinical psychologist, he consults widely with medical group practices, health care systems, and corporations interested in learning evidence-based strategies for deepening collaboration and collegiality and promoting team engagement while coping with change. He has authored or co-authored nine books and he has published widely in the peer-reviewed medical literature.

Using VITAL WorkLife’s evidence-based strategies for promoting physician engagement and resilience, combined with Wayne’s 35 years serving as a therapist to physicians and their families; his presentations capture both the minds and hearts of healthcare professionals and shows why aligning passionately with one’s organization is a key to individual, medical family, and career satisfaction.

Dr. Sotile has delivered more than 8,000 invited addresses and workshops to corporate and medical audiences, including invited presentations to the American Medical Association Leadership Conference, the International Conference on Physician Wellness, the American Academy of Medical Administrators, the Large Urology Group Practice Association, and numerous meetings of medical specialty societies, hospital communities, and corporate audiences.

Dr. Sotile is a physician consultant and member of the Advisory Team for VITAL WorkLife, a national behavioral consulting company with providers in every major city and wide-ranging expertise in every aspect of behavioral health. VITAL WorkLife is the only company today providing healthcare organizations and practitioners easy access to the help they need. Dedicated teams of experienced medical and behavioral health professionals understand the unique needs of doctors and their families, and deliver the services needed to help overcome work and life challenges.

He resides in Davidson, North Carolina, where the Center for Physician Resilience is located.