Purpose And Values

Our Purpose

Mitchell Best CEO

Mitchell Best, CEO

VITAL WorkLife supports the emotional, mental and behavioral well being of the organizations, employees and family members we serve. Pursuing innovation with an entrepreneurial spirit will ensure we:

  • achieve the highest standards in our business and professional practices
  • are a thought leader in our industry
  • hold ourselves accountable for outcomes
  • uphold our shared values

Achieving all of this will make a positive difference for those we serve, but also ensure the success and prosperity of our company, our employees our partners and our consultants.

Our Shared Values

As the VITAL WorkLife family, we fully uphold shared values among ourselves, one another and those we serve. Embracing these values daily ensures our shared purpose becomes reality.

  • We begin with RESPECT as the foundation of how we treat one another. We see respect as a willingness to listen to one another, to seek to understand another’s point of view even when we do not agree, to be caring and compassionate and to demonstrate a willingness to adapt.
  • We do this while fully practicing the highest levels of INTEGRITY and TRUST in every situation. Our conscious effort to be open, honest and approachable with one another promotes trust. We demonstrate integrity by making informed decisions, challenging each other respectfully, and speaking up because “it’s the right thing to do.”
  • As we strengthen our team efforts, we uphold a deep commitment to COLLABORATE, which defines and reinforces our ability to excel across all departments. We recognize the whole is greater than its parts. Focusing on our shared goals and mutual purpose, we will go about our work as a team with a willingness to fully support each other, to effectively communicate, to compromise, to create a culture to value intellectual curiosity and risk-taking and to commit to excellence in all we do as a team.
  • For all of these values to be truly lived, we hold ourselves fully ACCOUNTABLE. This means we do what we say and expect the same from our team members. We commit to all these values in order to continue to bring the best ideas forward and to make a positive difference in the lives of those we serve, our colleagues and the organization as a whole.