Nurse Peer Coaches

Nurse Peer Coaches — Nurse Peer Coaching

Nurse Peer Coaching – Designed for Nurses, By Nurses

In addition to counseling by our highly qualified EAP consultants, VITAL WorkLife offers Nurse Peer Coaching — confidential, one-on-one, telephonic peer coaching for nurses. Why? Sometimes, even as they provide support for their patients, nurses are reluctant to ask for help — yet they’re often in desperate need of a compassionate listener who understands the enormity of the work, life and family challenges they face — and has walked in their shoes. Our Nurse Peer Coaches met that need and are eager to help.

Nurses often consult nurse peer coaches when they are experiencing:

  • Unusual levels of stress or anxiety
  • “Horizontal hostility” or bullying from other nurses or staff
  • Negative feedback from peers, patients or other staff
  • Concerns about substance abuse or other addictive behaviors
  • Challenges in navigating change and increased demands
  • Difficulty balancing the demands of family and work responsibilities

Our Nurse Peer Coaches