The well being of your workforce matters.

We help you retain engaged, productive and happy employees through our coaching, consulting, counseling and other unique solutions that support individual well being and improve organizational culture.

Download our white paper, Peer Coaching Impacts on Physician Well Being, which discusses the efficacy of peer coaching for improving clinician well being and highlights our pre- and post-coaching data from clinicians who used our peer coaching resource.

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Who We Help


We are passionate about helping physicians become their best selves by providing physician-focused behavioral health solutions. We have:

  • A national team of physician peer coaches and senior consultants
  • A unique solution that includes a customized well being assessment, peer coaching, counseling, concierge services and a mobile app
  • An advocate program to educate, train and coach internal champions
Physician Solutions

Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations face a unique set of challenges. Since 2007, our dedicated practice provides physician-focused behavioral health solutions to help you improve:

  • Physician well being
  • Physician engagement
  • Organizational culture
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Physician retention
  • Care team relationships
Solutions for Healthcare


As an employer, we help you retain and recruit top talent by standing out as a preferred workplace.

Employees with a healthy work/life balance, a holistic approach to well being and support for their well being needs are happier and more productive team members.

We are committed to helping you provide expert support for your employees.

Solutions for Employers

Are you a member of one of our programs?

Supportive counseling and coaching are at the core of all the services we offer. We help members deal with everything from marital and relationship issues to depression, stress, anxiety, anger and grief, as well as parenting challenges, concerns and more.

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Physician Well Being Resources

End-to-end resources specifically designed to support your clinical staff.

Physician Well Being Resources helps you improve your organizational culture, patient satisfaction scores, engagement and retention and care team relationships.

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What's New?


Support Clinician Well Being with a Pandemic Playbook

The pandemic has taken a heavy toll on frontline workers in healthcare, placing them at both tremendous physical and mental risk as they work to treat those stricken by COVID-19. Those who treat coronavirus patients labor under a heavy mental and emotional load; they’re worried about their own exposure to the virus and the potential to transmit it to loved ones, especially in areas where PPE is inadequate.


What Healthcare Team Members Look for From Leadership

Those on the frontlines battling coronavirus in hospitals and other healthcare settings, are looking to leadership to help them through a crisis—not only of public health, but of their emotional health as well.

Most are feeling at least a mild level of fear and anxiety, but for some, it’s more intense—a constant sense of being on edge depriving them of sleep and making them feel constantly irritable. Read more.


Weathering the Storm: Physician Burnout, Depression and Suicide

Physician suicide rates rank the highest of any profession. When symptoms of burnout collide with undiagnosed or untreated depression, the trauma can be felt throughout the organization.

Download the infographic and learn more about the relationship between physician burnout, depression and suicide.