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I need a strategic partner to support the well-being needs of my team.

VITAL WorkLife helps organizations provide for the well-being of their team members and families with resources like counseling, coaching, concierge services, legal and financial consultations and thousands of online assets on our mobile app and member websites.

As the leading mental health and well-being expert in healthcare, VITAL WorkLife supports organizations with innovative solutions that are leading the way in addressing professional burnout, life challenges and barriers to seeking help.

We support over 90 healthcare systems with 98% year-over-year client retention with our Physician Well-Being Resources clients.

Today we proudly serve over:

Physicians & APPs




What our clients are saying:

“I can't tell you how many physician careers have been saved because of VITAL WorkLife.”

– Healthcare Organizational Leader

“You support people through
very hard careers...
It's just a hard profession, and you get that.

Physician Leader

“I am so impressed with the extent of your services, your professionalism and your attention to detail. I'm looking forward to spreading this great news."

Well-Being Advocate

Beyond Care: The Intersection of Passion and Profession

Reimagining Healthcare Well-Being

Imagine healthcare where well-being fuels productivity, helping teams and individuals flourish to improve patient outcomes. Explore solutions prioritizing individuals at the heart of our organization, thriving together.

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Transforming Healthcare, Nurturing Well-Being

We Lead with Tailored Approaches and Real Results

Every healthcare story is unique. We honor that by offering specialized support informed by real-world feedback and advanced solutions that make an undeniable impact in the lives of your people.

Numbers Speak: Combining Impact and Insights

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Physician engagement rates 10x that of traditional solutions

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92% of Physician Peer Coaching clients said our resources helped them stay in their role or in medicine

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Our time to a counseling appointment is 4 times faster than the national average. <10 days vs. 42

Insights and Innovations

Get the latest updates on workforce well-being, insights and stories from medical professionals and healthcare leaders on the ground.

Physician Well-Being: Why a Proactive Approach is Essential

Physician Well-Being: Why a Proactive Approach is Essential

Healthcare organizations understand the value of supporting the emotional and psychological well-being of their physicians—reducing burnout, supporting retention and recruitment and making sure everyone is working to their full potential. [...]

Ever Wonder Why Peer Coaching Works?

Ever Wonder Why Peer Coaching Works?

A tool exists that has been helping more and more physicians cope with the manifold stresses of contemporary medicine: peer coaching. Peer coaching is a process in which a trained professional helps their client become the best they can be. By asking powerful questions and [...]

Infographic: Is Your Organization Truly Invested in Well-Being?

Infographic: Is Your Organization Truly Invested in Well-Being?

As a healthcare professional, you are acutely aware of the immense pressures that the medical workforce endures in today's fast-paced and demanding environment. You understand the critical importance of supporting the well-being of physicians, who tirelessly dedicate [...]

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