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VITAL WorkLife is here to help!

VITAL WorkLife provides a comprehensive set of well-being resources designed to help you and your family face and overcome life’s challenges. All of our confidential resources are free to you and your family members.

In-the-moment behavioral health support is available 24/7 to address concerns or immediate needs when they occur and counseling is available in either face-to-face or virtual sessions.

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Connect with your resources on the VITAL WorkLife App!

The VITAL WorkLife App is designed to help employees and their families improve their personal and professional lives and to easily access their VITAL WorkLife resources whenever—and wherever—they are needed.

The VITAL WorkLife App offers innovative, effective ways to help individuals face their unique well-being challenges.

  • Take Assessments to Evaluate Well-Being
  • Access Insights and Videos by Experts
  • Watch your program orientation video and review information about your resources
  • Tap to call or email VITAL WorkLife for support

The VITAL WorkLife App is available on the App Store and Google Play.

VITAL WorkLife Mobile. Available on the App Store:VITAL WorkLife Mobile. Get it on Google Play.

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