I care about the well-being of our workforce, but
I can't support them alone.

VITAL WorkLife is the leading mental health and well-being partner to support organizations with innovative solutions that are leading the way in addressing professional burnout, life challenges and barriers to seeking help. 

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VITAL WorkLife is the leading mental health and well-being expert for healthcare organizations and their workforce. We support over 90 healthcare systems with a 98% year over year client retention rate. Today we proudly serve over:

39,000 Physicians

53,000 Nurses

142,000 Health workers

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Counseling and Coaching are at the core of the services we offer. We help members deal with everything from marital and relationship issues to depression, stress, anxiety, anger and grief.

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Young Physicians—the Keys to Onboarding, Recruiting and Retention

Early Career Physicians beginning their careers are energetic, committed, and anxious to please. They also have specific expectations, particularly with regard to well-being.

AFSP x VWL -1-2

VITAL WorkLife Launches American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's Interactive Screening Program

We're partnering with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention  to make their Interactive Screening Program available to our clients to support those who may be at risk of suicide.

Download 2022 Trends Report-3-4

2022 Well-Being in Healthcare: Trends & Insights

2022 saw a continuation of impacts from COVID-19; however, a shift occurred at organizational and systemic levels where awareness of mental health challenges and a desire to "do something" for those in need gained importance.



"I can’t tell you how many physician careers have been saved because of VITAL WorkLife.”

— Organizational Leader



“You help the person distill down to get to the root so they can be happier and more effective.”

— Physician



“You support growth and development—at work but also with family. People need to find that work-life balance so they can be there for their family, too.”

— Clinician

"I have used the coping skills [my peer coach] has taught me in both work and my personal life and can honestly say that I am a much happier person because of it! My stress level has been much lower, and my job satisfaction has been much higher than it has been since before Covid."

— Physician Peer Coaching Client


“It comes down to understanding. You just get it. I don’t have to give a lot of context or background. You know the organization and what people are going through. You connect the dots and come back with a recommendation.”

— Organizational Leader



“You support people through very hard careers… it’s just a hard profession, and you get that."

— Physician



“Having a resource to help me navigate tough issues is a really important thing”

— Physician