Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

VITAL WorkLife is aware that the security of your private information from the use of our website is an important concern. We take the protection of your personal data very seriously and demonstrate a strong commitment to online privacy. In acknowledgment of that commitment, we have adopted a comprehensive policy to safeguard the privacy of all visitors to the VITAL WorkLife website.

Collection of Client Specific Personal Information

VITAL WorkLife is fully HIPAA compliant with the laws governing gathering and security of personal health information. In our interactions with clients, we collect and store data only to be used for the purpose of supplying you with the requested products or services, or for other reasons for which you have given your consent, except where otherwise provided by law.

Security: VITAL WorkLife uses technical and organizational security precautions to protect your data from manipulation, loss, destruction, or access by unauthorized persons.

Children: We do not collect, process, or use on our website, any information relating to an individual whom we know to be under 13 years old, without the prior, verifiable consent of his or her legal representative. We do not give children the ability to post or distribute personal information without prior consent. We do not entice children with games or contests that would encourage them to disclose personal information.

Collection of Personal Business Information

VITAL WorkLife may collect your personal business information for various purposes, such as the following:

Access and use of websites or other online services

When entering one of our websites, or using an online service, we will record information necessary to provide you with access, for the operation of the website and for us to comply with security and legal requirements in relation to operating our site, such as passwords, IP address and browser settings. We also collect information about your activities during your visit in order to personalize your website experience, such as recording your preferences and settings, and to collect statistics to help us improve and further develop our websites, products and services.

Responding Requests for Information, Order, or Support

When you contact us (online or offline) in connection with a request for information, to order a product or service, or to provide you with support, we collect information necessary to fulfill your request, to grant you access to the product or service, to provide you with support and to be able to contact you.

Contacting Employees of our Clients, Prospects, Partners and Suppliers

In our relationship with clients or prospects, partners and suppliers, they also provide us with business contact information (such as name, business contact details, position or title of their employees, contractors, advisors and authorized users) for purposes such as contract management, fulfillment, delivery of products and services, provision of support, invoicing and management of the services or the relationship.


Most personal business information we collect comes from our direct interactions. For example, when you register for an event we may collect information (online or offline) in relation to the event organization or when you register online to receive content electronically. We combine the personal information we collect to develop aggregate analysis and business intelligence for conducting our business and for marketing purposes. Where we reference that we use your personal business information in relation to marketing, improvement or development of our products or services, for reasons of safety and security, or regulatory requirements other than in connection with your agreement or request, we do this on the basis of our or a third party’s legitimate interests, or with your consent.

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