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A national workforce passionate about improving well being for the organizations and individuals we serve.

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A National Workforce

At VITAL WorkLife our strength comes from the experience and depth of our team. Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, we rely on a diverse, nationwide workforce to deliver a superior client experience across multiple industries. This workforce includes not only our executive leadership team and valued employees, but also an extensive consultant network.

  • Dedicated physician Clinical Leads who average more than 20 year of experience working with clinical staff
  • More than 80 physician and practitioner peer coaches
  • Teams of Nurse, Educator and Dental peer coaches
  • A network of over 28,000+ master's and doctorate level consultants with a national and international presence

Leadership Team

VITAL WorkLife is directed by a Leadership Team focused on delivering a superior client experience, ensuring operational excellence, developing an engaged national workforce and driving continuous innovation while adhering to our purpose and values.

Advisory Council

Our Advisory Council members are a strategically vetted and engaged group of consultants who understand the needs of our clients and their organizations. They are leaders within the industry guiding and supporting our unique well being intake process and comprehensive case management solution to deliver proven outcomes. Our advisory team includes:

  • Physicians
  • Consultants
  • Industry Leaders

We look to our Advisory Team to offer insight and advice into emerging trends in healthcare, physician well being and employee assistance and how to best support our clients’ needs in the area of behavioral health, well being and work/life balance. All of our Advisory Team members either have extensive experience working with physicians, providers and leaders in a many types of healthcare organizations or working with employees, their families and leadership from a wide variety of industries.

Physician Peer Coaches

Our Physician Peer Coaches—most of whom are also certified professional coaches—come from a variety of specialty areas and share a common passion for assisting their colleagues in strengthening their work and life satisfaction. Our Physician Peer Coaches work with physicians to address goals, performance or general issues in their life or profession.

Nurse Peer Coaches

In addition to being Registered Nurses, our Nurse Peer Coaches are also, teachers, licensed therapists, counselors and coaches. They have extensive clinical experience in a variety of settings allowing them to understand, mentor and advise nurses in almost any situation.

Educator Peer Coaches

Our Educator Peer Coaches are PhD and master's level counselors, therapists, licensed teachers, coaches and consultants, all with deep experience and expertise in education and family counseling. Our Educator Peer Coaches have worked in traditional and special education classrooms, in inner-city schools, in post-secondary education, been school board members and more. With their robust and thorough experiences, our Educator Peer Coaches truly understand what teachers today are going through, and can be a sounding board for their concerns and professional development.

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