Who We Are

We help organizations, teams and individuals to be their best.

VITAL WorkLife, Inc. is a national behavioral health consulting practice supporting all dimensions of well being in the workplace. For over 35 years, our proven solutions have helped to reduce workplace conflict, facilitate culture change, strengthen interpersonal communication and build well being.  We offer unique solutions including confidential preventative support for physicians and providers, customized consulting, behavioral intervention programs, peer coaching, education, critical incident resources and robust employee assistance programs.

Our comprehensive framework identifies the right combination of programs and tools to meet varying client needs. We focus on a holistic approach to six dimensions of well being – physical, emotional, relational, professional, spiritual and financial/legal. Working closely with individuals while also guiding teams, we help build healthy, sustainable behaviors for productive organizations.

Our Team

A National Workforce

At VITAL WorkLife our strength comes from the experience and depth of our team. We rely on a national workforce to deliver a superior client experience across multiple industries. This workforce includes not only our executive leadership team and valued employees, but also an extensive consultant network.

  • Dedicate physician Clinical Leads who average more than 20 year of experience working with clinical staff
  • More than 80 physician and practitioner peer coaches
  • Teams of Nurse, Educator and Dental peer coaches
  • A network of over 62,000 master's and doctorate level consultants with a national and international presence

Advisory Team

Our Advisory Team members are a strategically vetted and engaged group of consultants who know VITAL WorkLife and understand the needs of our clients and their organizations. They are leaders within our national workforce guiding and supporting our unique well being intake and comprehensive case management processes to deliver proven outcomes. Our advisory team includes:

  • Physicians
  • PhD & Masters level counselors, coaches and consultants
  • Organizational development strategic consultants

We look to our Advisory Team to offer insight and advice into emerging trends in healthcare, physician well being and employee assistance and how to best support our clients’ needs in the area of behavioral health, well being and work/life balance. All of our Advisory Team members either have extensive experience working with physicians, providers and leaders in a wide variety of healthcare organizations or working with employees, their families, work teams and leadership from a wide variety of industries.

Our Approach

We partner with organizations, employees and families to create sustainable Pathways to Well Being. We consider well being to encompass an overall sense of satisfaction with your life. Your overall experience of well being is influenced by your health in six interrelated dimensions:

Wheel of Well Being

  • Professional
  • Physical
  • Relational
  • Financial/Legal
  • Spiritual
  • Emotional

By evaluating and understanding your well being in each dimension, you discover opportunities for improvement. Giving attention to these opportunities in each dimension can positively impact your overall well being which can have a transformative effect on your contentment and satisfaction in life.

While the path to well being is sometimes challenging, with unexpected twists and turns, the journey is easier with careful guidance from our empathetic, experienced behavioral health counselors, consultants and coaches.

VITAL WorkLife

Our Brand

In everything we do, we are focused on not only effectively meeting the needs of our customers, but exceeding their expectations through the expertise we bring and the professionalism with which we provide our solutions.

Our logo

Our logo is a prominent representation of our brand. We have chosen the traditional and strong color BLUE to illustrate our focus on the healthcare market. The bright, vibrant GREEN denotes life, freshness and health.

The color blue in the word VITAL draws your eye to the figure, strong, fit and on the move—taking action for well being. The figure is friendly, inviting and has arms wide stretched, also indicating balance and an embrace of life… a life that is healthy and lived to the fullest extent.

The circle, a symbol of life, is simple, complete and symmetrical. Our circle shows movement, it is dynamic. Our circle is not dark or like a tunnel, it is light and optimistic—representing the organization, community and family of which the figure is a part.