Our History

VITAL WorkLife, Inc. is a national behavioral health consulting practice supporting all dimensions of well being in the workplace. Founded in 1982 as Midwest Professional Services by Douglas Adamek, PhD, the company grew to become a pioneer of employee assistance in Minnesota. A progressive company continuing to revolutionize itself and the industry it leads, VITAL WorkLife is committed to expanding and developing our comprehensive framework to identify the right combination of programs, tools and resources to meet each client’s unique needs.

Doug Adamek, Founder of VITAL WorkLife

Our founder, Douglas Adamek, PhD

For over 35 years, our proven solutions have helped to reduce workplace conflict, facilitate culture change, strengthen interpersonal communication and build well being. We offer unique solutions including confidential preventative support for physicians and providers, customized consulting, behavioral intervention programs, peer coaching, education, critical incident resources and robust employee assistance programs.
Working closely with individuals while also guiding teams, we help build healthy, sustainable behaviors for productive organizations.

VITAL WorkLife History

  • 1982 Midwest Professional Services is founded by Douglas Adamek, PhD and the company opens it’s first of in St Cloud, MN.
  • 1980s Midwest EAP adds clients throughout the 1980s to cover over 5,000 employees.
  • 1988 The Purchase of a small twin cities EAP opens the door to an expanded regional market.
  • 1990 The competition spreads, as does Midwest EAP’s reputation for high-quality, high-touch, highly consultative solutions. The company moves it’s offices to a new location in historic downtown St Cloud.
  • 1991 Hiring a psychologist, psychiatrist and social workers Midwest EAP opens the first for-profit, outpatient mental health clinic in the area.
  • 1992 Midwest EAP and Midwest Counseling Associates (the mental and behavioral health side of the business) operate as Midwest Professional Services and business soared.
  • 2001 Midwest Professional Services purchases St Cloud Hospital’s employee assistance program and Resolve EAP out of Chaska, MN. The total number of employees is now 50,000.
  • 2002 Now known as Midwest EAP Solutions, the company partners with a local health insurer to embed EAP services in employer health plans. The total number of employees covered is now 90,000.
  • 2005 Midwest EAP Solutions expands adding offices in Duluth and Mankato, MN
  • 2007 Midwest EAP Solutions celebrates 25 years if people and progress and the words of its founder sums up its success, “If you have a happy employee, you have a productive employee.”
  • 2009 Recognizing the need for solutions tailored specifically for healthcare, especially physicians, the company expanded again, launching the Physician Wellness Services division. Founded to focus on providing industry-leading mental and behavioral health solutions to physicians and the organizations that employ them, Physician Wellness Services leveraged years of experience in healthcare to specifically help physicians on a national basis. The parent company, Workplace Behavioral Solutions, Inc., led these two divisions to become a leading national behavioral health company specializing on building healthy, happy employees and productive organizations.
  • 2015 Understanding the company’s comprehensive solutions promote essential and sustainable behaviors that support work/life balance and a healthy work experience for both healthcare and general business clients, VITAL WorkLife brought both divisions together to synergistically build upon the experience and solutions being delivered. We know behavior directly impacts individual well being; critical issues of organizational productivity, efficiency, workplace satisfaction, culture and profitability; as well as patient care, safety and satisfaction. VITAL WorkLife is focused on providing a comprehensive suite of consultative solutions designed specifically for building healthy sustainable behaviors for work and life.