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Why Choose VITAL WorkLife?

We are the leading mental health and well-being expert for healthcare organizations and their workforce.

Since 2007, our innovative healthcare solutions have been leading the way in helping physicians, nurses and entire care teams overcome burnout, life challenges and barriers to seeking help.

We are healthcare FOCUSED

For healthcare organizations committed to providing well-being resources for their physicians and workforce, VITAL WorkLife is the trusted expert helping to achieve greater productivity and retention while boosting work and life fulfillment for employees.

With more than 90% of our cases in healthcare, today we proudly serve over:

Physicians and APPs



Empowering Individuals, Transforming Organizations

We are uniquely situated to support physicians, APPs, residents, nurses, care teams and all healthcare employees individually while equipping organizational leaders with the tools, resources and training to reduce the stigma of mental and behavioral health challenges in the workplace.

Why - Focus Section

Expertise of the VITAL Worklife Team

Our team’s depth in behavioral health is the cornerstone of our success. From Senior Consultants to Peer Coaches, we bring expert knowledge and skill to every client engagement.

Experienced Behavioral Health Consultants

Our more than 150 Senior Behavioral Health Consultants and Peer Coaches offer decades of experience to bring exceptional knowledge and empathy to our healthcare clients.

Certified Skilled Peer Coaching Network

Our Peer Coaches, from a wide variety of specialty areas, offer personalized, impactful coaching experiences that resonate with every clinician's unique needs.

Large Network of Professional Counselors

Our network of over 74,500 master’s and doctorate level counselors ensures comprehensive support is always within reach. Our BetterHelp partnership elevates virtual support with expanded counseling, group support and on-demand classes.

Numbers Speak: Combining Impact and Insights

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Physician engagement rates 10x that of traditional solutions

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98% retention rate with our Physician Well-Being Resources clients

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Our time to a counseling appointment is 4 times faster than the national average. <10 days vs. 42

Our Guide to Client Success

Our proven process to integrate and engage well-being resources within healthcare organizations ensures a successful partnership.
From discovery through implementation, we offer support, data insights and training resources aimed at achieving well-being for all employees.

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Guide to Client Success_Mobile Version

Contact Us

EAP Members:  800.383.1908 

Physician, Provider or Clinician Well-Being Resources Members: 877.731.3949 

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