Why VITAL WorkLife

Wondering why should you partner with VITAL WorkLife?

With more than 30 years of experience and hundreds of thousands of covered lives, we’re large enough to provide proactive and professional resources with broad geographic coverage for your organization. At the core, we’re still a tight-knit group of professionals with a shared purpose and values, and commitment to personalized support.

At VITAL WorkLife, individuals can choose between face-to-face appointments and telephone counseling for themselves and their family members. In follow-up surveys with participants, VITAL WorkLife averages 98% satisfaction.



Preventative & Proactive:

Improving Productivity and Reducing Healthcare CostsWhy VITAL WorkLife?

Our goal is to help your organization and employees recognize and resolve problems before they become unmanageable and cause lost productivity through absenteeism (not at work) and presenteeism (at work, but not really “there” or being productive).

With early intervention, we not only can improve productivity on the job, we can also improve clinical outcomes. We have helped countless organizations reduce total healthcare, disability and workers compensation claims by intervening before individual claim costs skyrocketed. Only half of those suffering from Major Depression receive treatment- yet research suggests that 80% of these people will improve with treatment.

We look at the whole person, not just the presenting problem, and ask the right questions to make sure the real need isn’t medical before proceeding. We also look at the person’s whole life — providing a wide range of supportive work and life services designed to minimize distraction during work hours.

Behavioral Experts For the Workplace

Our Senior Consultants help your supervisors and managers understand how to not only deal more effectively with performance issues, but also help increase their employees’ individual job satisfaction and engagement, as well as team, departmental and organizational effectiveness and productivity.

We offer onsite training and workshops for employees and managers on a wide range of topics from managing time and stress to dealing with conflict and more.

We also offer one-on-one consultation and coaching for managers — in addition to Supervisory Training which educates managers about the Employee Assistance Program services available to maximize the return on your EAP investment.

Companies with the most effective wellness & productivity programs report 40% higher average revenues per employee

Compassionate, Professional Care Available Nationwide

Our national network of over 62,000 master’s and doctorate level counselors can provide comprehensive services to you, your employees and their family members. We let your employees define who is family to them without restrictions that would interfere with getting needed help. We also let employees decide when and how they’d prefer to meet, whether it’s face to face, by phone or by taking advantage of our extensive web resources. Our goal is to quickly resolve any issues distracting your employees from their work.