Mitch Best


Mitch Best

As the CEO of VITAL WorkLife for over a decade, Mitch guides the company's vision, directs the senior leadership team and works towards achieving organizational objectives. His focus extends to empowering hundreds of thousands of physicians and APPs, enabling them to reach their full potential, all while fostering a vibrant and celebrated company culture.

He began with the company in 2001 as Director of Business Development, moved up to Vice President in 2004, became COO in 2008 and eventually acquired the company in 2013. 

With a background in behavioral health consulting and diverse industry expertise, Mitch infuses his work with passion and enthusiasm, offering a quick start nature, servant leadership and diligent oversight. He has also been actively engaged in executive and mental health & well-being industry groups for more than 15 years.

Mitch, a Minnesota native, resides in the Twin Cities with his wife and four children, emphasizing work-life balance through family time and an active lifestyle. He holds a BA in psychology from the University of Minnesota.