Return To Work Coaching

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We don’t wait for the phone to ring.

In their “Survey on the Total Financial Impact of Employee Absences,” Mercer-Kronos found that employee absences can cost an employer the equivalent of 35% of payroll in direct and indirect costs. Other reported impacts included:

  • Additions to workload (90%)
  • Disruptions to the work of others (80%)
  • Increases in stress (78%)
  • Negative effect on morale (68%)
  • Reduced quality of work output (59%)

So, it’s no surprise that getting employees back to work soon — and productively — is a primary goal for most employers.

That’s why VITAL WorkLife developed a proactive, comprehensive Return to Work Coaching program with the goal of getting employees back to work sooner by taking an integrated approach to the issues and barriers — psychosocial, work-related, financial and more — surrounding the reason for their absence. Once employees return, we address the issues that may cause employees to be distracted and less productive to help prevent additional absences and “presenteeism.”

The program is easy to use and access. All a manager needs to do is explain the program to the employee and obtain a signed release. VITAL WorkLife will assign an experienced Return to Work counselor to the case. Working closely with the employee, the counselor will develop a comprehensive return to work plan that may include:

  • Counseling support related to issues surrounding their leave and return to work-specific issues
  • Referrals to EAP services for the employee or affected family members related to identified issues such as marital and relationship challenges, family and work-related concerns, legal and financial problems, chemical dependency and other mental and behavioral health issues
  • Coordination with disability and workers’ comp case managers or medical providers (with employee permission)
  • Consultation and collaboration with employer representatives regarding requested accommodations and other workplace issues

The counselor remains involved until the employee returns to work, regains productivity or another mutually agreed-upon outcome is achieved.

Return to Work Coaching is included in some VITAL WorkLife EAP plans. Please Contact Us with any questions or for additional information.