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Distressed Physician Intervention

Rising physician stress and burnout is leading to more disruptive behaviors, costing significantly in productivity and morale. These unchecked behaviors compromise physician well-being, patient safety and increase malpractice risks, while also elevating retention and recruitment costs.
We help you address concerns and retain your valued physicians.

Our Physician
Intervention Solutions

We help healthcare organizations make informed management decisions to mitigate the risks and high costs of replacing distressed or disruptive physicians. Our solutions address disruptive behavior, restoring physicians to full productivity and retaining them as valued team members.

Physician Intervention Process

VITAL WorkLife uses a structured, four-phase approach to Physician Intervention:

  • Initial Organization Consultation
  • Physician Assessment
  • Case Management
  • Final Organization Consultation

Aimed at early intervention, our goal is to retain skilled physicians by addressing and resolving disruptive behaviors and stressors to enhance overall physician well-being and team cohesion.

Why VITAL WorkLife?

Since 2007, we have helped many healthcare teams restore balance, reduce  burnout and achieve a healthy work environment. Discover our unique intervention solution that can help both physicians and care teams flourish.

Compassionate Care

Experts in healthcare who have helped hundreds of physicians recover and successfully practice medicine.

Broad Base of Experience

Experience addressing a broad range of needs—ensuring every physician receives the support needed to thrive.

Proven Success

Significantly reduce behavioral issues and mental distress to boost physician performance—fostering success and stability for healthcare organizations.

Comprehensive Approach

Collaboration with the physician and organization to tackle root causes of disruptive behavior, providing guidance for both parties.

VWL Workforce Section

Proven Well-Being Champions

Our commitment to physician well-being is shown through our results*:

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction scores rose by 20% after a Physician Intervention from VITAL WorkLife.

Elevated Physician Retention

94% of participating physicians remain with their organization.

High Issue Resolution

88% of physicians reported improvement in their primary issues after intervention.

What our clients say...

“The performance of the physician was substantially improved—increasing productivity and easing tension among team members. Additionally, we were able to retain a valuable employee and avoid the high costs of recruitment and loss of productivity.”

– Sal Mancino, Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Organization Development, Stamford Health

“I wanted to reach out about our physician. He has done so well with his coach through your program and has demonstrated a huge turnaround in his interactions with others.”

Healthcare Organizational Leader

“I want to thank you for helping me gain necessary tools for a successful future."


Insights from a
Physician Peer Coach

Our Physician Practice Lead and Senior Consultant, Liz Ferron, MSW, LICSW sat down with one of our Physician Peer Coaches, Ronald D. Groat, MD to share best practices and discuss:

  • Common factors contributing to physician performance or behavior concerns
  • How Healthcare leaders can support struggling physicians
  • How to approach a physician who has received complaints
  • How VITAL WorkLife helps organizations and physicians

Watch the Physician Intervention video to learn more.


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