Medical Society of Virginia

Support for Virginia Physicians and Providers


VITAL WorkLife has partnered with the Medical Society of Virginia (MSV) to bring a solution, called SafeHaven, to physicians and PAs located in the state of Virginia. Based on a recently passed Virginia law, SafeHaven includes the safety provisions administered by MSV with VITAL WorkLife’s Physician Well Being Resources solution.

This solution ensures physicians and PAs can seek support for burnout, career fatigue or mental health reasons, without being reported for medical license review. It also includes our comprehensive suite of resources designed specifically for physicians to help mitigate the effects of stress and burnout and allow for better work/life integration.

  • Physician Well Being Resources is a confidential and discreet solution designed to support well being for physicians and PAs to help them become their best selves.

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Download the Physician Well Being Resources Fact Sheet

Physician Well Being Resources Fact Sheet