The well-being of your workforce matters.

2022 saw a continuation of impacts from COVID-19; however, a shift occurred at organizational and systemic levels where awareness of mental health challenges and a desire to "do something" for those in need gained importance.

Download our report, 2022 Well-Being in Healthcare: Trends and Insights to learn more on the state of mental health and well-being in the healthcare workforce. 

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Who We Help


We are passionate about helping physicians become their best selves by providing physician-focused behavioral health solutions. We have:

  • A national team of physician peer coaches and senior consultants
  • A unique solution that includes a customized well being assessment, peer coaching, counseling, concierge services and a mobile app
  • An advocate program to educate, train and coach internal champions
Physician Solutions

Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations face a unique set of challenges. Since 2007, our dedicated practice provides physician-focused behavioral health solutions to help you improve:

  • Physician well being
  • Physician engagement
  • Organizational culture
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Physician retention
  • Care team relationships
Solutions for Healthcare


As an employer, we help you retain and recruit top talent by standing out as a preferred workplace.

Employees with a healthy work/life balance, a holistic approach to well being and support for their well being needs are happier and more productive team members.

We are committed to helping you provide expert support for your employees.

Solutions for Employers

Are you a member of one of our programs?

Supportive counseling and coaching are at the core of all the services we offer. We help members deal with everything from marital and relationship issues to depression, stress, anxiety, anger and grief, as well as parenting challenges, concerns and more.

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Physician Well Being Resources

End-to-end resources specifically designed to support your clinical staff.

Physician Well Being Resources helps you improve your organizational culture, patient satisfaction scores, engagement and retention and care team relationships.

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What's New?


Why Investing in Physician Well Being is the Smart Business Choice

An investment in physician well being is a crucial investment in the fiscal health of your organization. Why? Because it shows the respect and moral obligation you have for your physicians, and helps avoid turnover, decreased productivity and lower patient satisfaction scores—among other impacts on your bottom line. 

In this article we lay out a compelling case for investing in well being. Download the Article to learn more.


How to Face the Great Resignation in Healthcare

In this article, Dr. Paul DeChant, a VITAL WorkLife Consultant and an internationally recognized expert on clinician well being outlines the six drivers of this crisis, how the COVID-19 pandemic played a role, and important strategies for how leaders can face this head on.

Download our article to learn what’s driving this crisis, how to face it head-on and why prioritizing your employees' well being is a key way to be successful in this endeavor.


The Steps Needed to Take When Launching a Well Being Program

To help ensure this process’ success, there are seven key milestones to keep in mind and help guide you from start to finish, and beyond. This infographic walks you through those key steps and serves as a roadmap to a successful program implementation.

Download the infographic to see the key milestones when launching a well being program for your healthcare organization.


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