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Tailored Solutions for Healthcare Well-Being

Specialized solutions designed to enhance the well-being and performance of your healthcare teams and the entire organization.

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For Every Healthcare Worker

Our unique solutions address the well-being of your entire organization—physicians, APPs, nurses, executive leadership and administrative staff—and are designed to address distinct challenges in healthcare like stress, burnout, emotional turmoil, barriers to seeking help and more.

"I am overwhelmed and exhausted, with nowhere to turn for relief or guidance."

Help your team overcome the pressures of their role by naturally integrating the tools and support they need to flourish on the job and in their personal lives.

“When we have difficult or crisis situations, I always feel blessed to be able to reach out to my friends at VITAL WorkLife. Thanks again!”

– HR Leader

“I wanted to reach out about our physician. He has done so well with his coach and has demonstrated a huge turnaround in his interactions with others.”

Healthcare Organizational Leader

“I am so impressed with the extent of your services, your professionalism and your attention to detail. I'm looking forward to spreading this great news."

– Client Organization Well-Being Advocate

Transforming Lives: Combining Impact and Insights

By 2028, we aim to enhance the well-being of over 100,000 physicians and APPs, empowering them to flourish in their personal and professional lives and excel in patient care. Our impact speaks volumes.

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98% client retention rate with our Physician Well-Being Resources clients

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90% of our cases are with those working in healthcare

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10x clinician engagement compared to traditional solutions


Navigate Complex Healthcare Dynamics

Our Healthcare Solutions Guide outlines our holistic solutions developed to enhance organizational well-being and help you recruit, engage and retain happier and more productive employees. Enter your email address to receive a free copy.

Michelle’s Story: A Testament to Transformation

Michelle thought her fatigue and cynicism would end after successfully completing residency. To her surprise, the challenges of her job as a physician were unrelenting and her joy in medicine was decreasing. She could not imagine a sustainable future in medicine. 

Michelle connected with a peer coach through VITAL WorkLife's Physician Well-Being Resources. The physician coach understood the joys and challenges of medicine and helped Michelle clarify her values, set helpful boundaries and establish a balance between her personal and professional responsibilities. 

Michelle experienced significant change in her life as a result of peer coaching. Not only has she regained a sense of fulfillment and joy in her role, she has hope and a sense of agency over her ability to flourish. Michelle encourages her peers to contact VITAL WorkLife—she knows how that connection can transform lives. 


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