Physician Well Being Resources

Physician Well Being ResourcesPhysicians and providers face challenges unique to the medical profession. Their jobs can be extremely stressful and it’s often hard to balance work and life and family. Family members of a physician can also be affected with their own challenges, and this impacts the well being of the physician. Physician Well Being Resources, a unique and proactive set of resources designed specifically for physicians and providers, can help.

Physician Well Being Resources includes:

In addition to highly consultative account management with guidance and best practices to maximize organizational ROI and regular reporting with non-identifiable engagement data, Physician Well Being Resources includes the following.

  • Physician Orientation and Leadership Training
  • Physician & Provider Orientation Video [4:59]
  • Unlimited phone consultations: providing time-of-need support for physicians & their families
    • Stress & Burnout
    • Depression
    • Conflict & Relationships
    • Dealing with grief or adverse events
  • WorkLife Concierge: an all-purpose, virtual assistant offering the personal attention and first-class service you typically only receive at a five-star resort (available anytime, day or night)
    • Entertainment & Travel Planning
    • Personal & Family Needs
    • Personal & Business Event Planning
    • Household Maintenance & Projects
  • Professional & family counseling: our physicians and master’s or doctorate level behavioral health professionals can help with your concerns, including: 
    • Sorting through work and life issues
    • Communicating more effectively
    • Relieving depression & anxiety
    • Managing anger
    • Resolving marital & relationship troubles
    • Overcoming legal or financial problems
    • Managing interpersonal conflict at home or at work
    • Achieving healthier work/life integration
    • Addressing additive behaviors
    • Dealing with drug or alcohol abuse
  • Physician Peer Coaching & Mentoring Our peer coaches will work with physicians to address goals, performance or general issues in their life or profession, including:
    • Finding Joy, Meaning & Purpose in Medicine
    • Communication & Conflict Resolution
    • Stress & Burnout
    • Work/Life Integration
    • Identifying Limits & Setting Boundaries
    • Establishing Healthy Habits
    • Leadership Development
    • Grief, Loss and Anxiety
  • Member Website: Unlimited access to a wealth of online work and life resources
  • VITAL WorkLife Mobile App designed to help physicians and providers improve their personal and professional lives
  • Legal & Financial Consultations and Resources
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Referral to reputable resources outside of the program for issues such as chemical dependency

To learn more, watch the Physician & Provider Orientation Video [4:59], download a copy of our Physician Well Being Resources Fact Sheet, Contact Us or call us at 877.731.3949 to speak with a VITAL WorkLife representative.