Robert Leschke, MD, CPCC

Physician Peer Coach


Dr. Robert Leschke (Madison, WI) is a Board-Certified Emergency Medicine physician and has been a Peer Coach and consultant with VITAL WorkLife since 2014. He graduated and completed his Emergency Residency from the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In addition, Dr. Leschke has received certification from the Coaches Training Institute and works as a Certified Professional Co-Active Life Coach.

Dr. Leschke began his career at the Level 1 Trauma Center in Milwaukee and worked as the Assistant Residency Program Director and the Director of Undergraduate Medical Education for the Department of Emergency Medicine. While there, he carved his niche in medical student education and career counseling. He currently works for Madison Emergency Physicians and serves on the Department Peer Review Committee, the hospital wide Multidisciplinary Peer Review Committee, and works with clinicians on performance improvement.

Dr. Leschke helps fellow clinicians get in touch with their core values, find more meaning in their work, reduce conflict and anxiety, and improve their overall work life balance. His coaching helps clinicians increase self-awareness, align personal values with professional duties, and can lead to personal life changes that ultimately have a positive effect on patient care.