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VITAL WorkLife stands out as the go-to mental health and well-being authority for healthcare organizations, their employees and their family members.

VITAL WorkLife is the leading mental health and well-being expert for healthcare organizations and their workforce.

We’ve focused on healthcare since 2007, and today our innovative solutions are leading the way in helping physicians, nurses and entire care teams address professional burnout, life challenges and barriers to seeking help. 

Healthcare Focus

For healthcare organizations committed to providing well-being resources for their physicians and workforce—and know they can’t do it alone—VITAL WorkLife is the trusted mental health and well-being expert achieving greater productivity and retention for organizations and greater work and life fulfillment for employees.

Since 2007, we’ve focused on solving challenges of those working in healthcare and are:

  • Trusted guides for clients’ success
  • Leaders in physician-focused solutions
  • Experts addressing professional burnout, life challenges and barriers to seeking help

Our Team

A National Workforce

At VITAL WorkLife our strength comes from the experience and depth of our team. Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, we rely on a highly-qualified, nationwide workforce to deliver a superior client experience across multiple industries. This workforce includes not only our executive leadership team and valued employees, but also an extensive consultant network. Our workforce delivers compassionate, confidential and professional care to our clients. We have:

  • Dedicated Senior Behavioral Health Consultants who average more than 20 years of experience working in healthcare settings and with clinical staff
  • More than 80 peer coaches for physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses, dentists, executives and educators
  • A national network of over 71,000+ master’s and doctorate level counselors who can provide comprehensive services to organizations, employees and their family members

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Our Solutions

Working closely with individuals while also guiding teams, we provide solutions to help build healthy, sustainable behaviors for productive organizations. We offer a variety of unique solutions, including:

Our Proven Process



Our solutions have been tested and improved over time and we have leveraged our expertise to develop a proven process. In both our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Physician Well Being Resources solutions, we leverage our proven process to help our clients from discovery through implementation and engagement, using ongoing monitoring and measurement to evaluate and make adjustments to meet program objectives. We strive to continually improve our processes and solutions to be the trusted partner clients can count on to support well being for individuals and the organization.

More about VITAL WorkLife

Wheel of Well Being-2020We partner with organizations, employees and families to create sustainable Pathways to Well Being. We consider well being to encompass an overall sense of satisfaction with your life. Your overall experience of well being is influenced by your health in six interrelated dimensions we call the Wheel of Well Being: professional, physical, relational, financial/legal, spiritual and emotional.

By evaluating and understanding your well being in each dimension, you discover opportunities for improvement. Giving attention to these opportunities in each dimension can positively impact your overall well being which can have a transformative effect on your contentment and satisfaction in life.

While the path to well being is sometimes challenging, with unexpected twists and turns, the journey is easier with careful guidance from our experienced behavioral health counselors, consultants and coaches.

Check out our video overview of the VITAL WorkLife approach to well being to learn more.





Our Purpose

To improve the well being of individuals and organizations.

VITAL WorkLife supports the emotional, mental and behavioral well being of the organizations, employees and family members we serve. We pursue innovation with an entrepreneurial spirit to ensure we:

  • achieve the highest standards in our business and professional practices
  • are a thought leader in our industry
  • hold ourselves accountable for outcomes
  • uphold our shared values

We believe this will make a positive difference for those we serve while ensuring the success and prosperity of our company, our employees, our partners and our consultants.

Our Core Values

At VITAL WorkLife, we uphold shared values among ourselves, our partners and those we serve. Our core values are:

Client-Centric Approach

Everything we do is geared around helping our clients by making their experience with VITAL WorkLife outstanding. Our ongoing improvement process addresses every aspect of their user journey ranging from solution enhancements to engagement reporting to our empathic commitment to support their needs. When we do what is good for the client we are enriched more as a company and as individuals.

Doing the Right Thing

We believe in doing the right things for the right reasons. We practice the highest levels of integrity, trust and accountability in every situation. We make a conscious effort to be open, honest and approachable with one another, to make informed decisions and to speak up and challenge each other respectfully.


We embrace a hopeful can-do attitude. We believe in our purpose and know our solutions help others. We optimistically embrace our daily activities, challenges and opportunities to best fulfill our purpose.


We maintain a deep commitment to collaboration which allows us deliver unsurpassed solutions in the best manner possible. We recognize the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We respectfully work as a team—both across internal departments and with our clients—to willingly support each other, to effectively communicate, to compromise, to create a culture that values intellectual curiosity and risk-taking and to commit to excellence in all we do.

We commit to these values in order to continue bringing the best ideas forward and to make a positive difference in the lives of those we serve, our colleagues and our organization.

At VITAL WorkLife, we understand embracing diversity and inclusion is more than just making a statement. It's a commitment to continued and purposeful engagement by expanding our understanding of one another and ensuring we, as VITAL WorkLife employees, and individuals in organizations we serve, have the tools to live and work inclusively. To be engaged, you must feel included and valued. We strive to embody what it means to be inclusive and embrace diversity in every aspect of work and life. We honor different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds and know they create healthier and more creative work environments that foster respect and cultivate a sense of belonging.

Our Brand

VITAL WorkLife Logo 2023 In everything we do, we are focused on not only effectively meeting the needs of our customers, but exceeding their expectations through the expertise we bring and the professionalism with which we provide our solutions.

Our logo

Our logo is a prominent representation of our brand. We have chosen the traditional and strong color Cool Blue to illustrate our focus on the healthcare market. The bright, vibrant Lime Green denotes life, freshness and health.

The color blue in the word VITAL draws your eye to the figure, which is strong, fit and on the move—taking action for well-being. The figure is friendly and inviting with arms stretched wide, also indicating balance and an embrace of life: a life that is healthy and lived to the fullest extent.

The circle, a symbol of life, is simple, complete and symmetrical. Our circle shows movement; it is dynamic. Our circle is not dark or like a tunnel; it is light and optimistic—representing the organization, community and family of which the figure is a part.

Doug Adamek, Founder of VITAL WorkLifeVITAL WorkLife, Inc. is a national behavioral health consulting practice supporting all dimensions of well being in the workplace. Founded in 1982 as Midwest Professional Services by Douglas Adamek, PhD, the company grew to become a pioneer of employee assistance in Minnesota.

Since 1982, our proven solutions have helped to reduce workplace conflict, facilitate culture change, strengthen interpersonal communication and build well being. We offer unique solutions including confidential preventative support for physicians and providers, customized consulting, behavioral intervention programs, peer coaching, education, critical incident resources and robust employee assistance programs. Working closely with individuals while also guiding teams, we help build healthy, sustainable behaviors for productive organizations.

VITAL WorkLife History

  • 1982 Midwest Professional Services is founded by Douglas Adamek, PhD and the company opens it’s first office in St Cloud, MN.
  • 1988 The Purchase of a small twin cities EAP opens the door to an expanded regional market.
  • 1992 Midwest EAP and Midwest Counseling Associates (the mental and behavioral health side of the business) operate as Midwest Professional Services and business soared.
  • 2001 Midwest Professional Services purchases St Cloud Hospital’s employee assistance program and Resolve EAP out of Chaska, MN. The total number of covered employees is now 50,000.
  • 2002 Now known as Midwest EAP Solutions, the company partners with a local health insurer to embed EAP services in employer health plans. The total number of employees covered is now 90,000.
  • 2007 Midwest EAP Solutions celebrates 25 years of helping people and the words of its founder sums up its success, “If you have a happy employee, you have a productive employee.”
  • 2009 Recognizing the need for solutions tailored specifically for healthcare, especially physicians, the company expanded again, launching the Physician Wellness Services division. Founding this practice to focus on providing industry-leading mental and behavioral health solutions to physicians and the organizations that employ them.
  • 2015 Both divisions were combined under VITAL WorkLife to synergistically build upon the experience and solutions being delivered. VITAL WorkLife is focused on providing a comprehensive suite of consultative solutions designed specifically for building healthy sustainable behaviors for work and life.
  • 2019 VITAL WorkLife expands the offices in Minneapolis to accommodate growth and build the infrastructure supporting physician-focused and healthcare organizational solutions.
  • 2020 In response to a global pandemic VITAL WorkLife launches virtual tele-behavioral health resources and a 100% remote workforce, in addition to investing in education, training and support around racial and social injustices across their own workforce and the clients they serve.

VITAL WorkLife Gives Back

VITAL WorkLife is proud to support the communities where we live and work. As part of this ongoing commitment, we focus our support in the areas of health and well being programs and activities. The intent of our efforts is to give back and support our clients’ local, regional or global health and well being programs and to encourage our employees to also share in these activities. VITAL WorkLife recognizes participating in these activities enriches the lives of our clients and employees, as well as supports their interests.

Researchers have confirmed volunteering is good for others AND good for you, and has health benefits such as reducing stress and increasing your longevity. Our Corporate Responsibility centers around efforts to assist, support and sponsor.

  • Employer Sponsored Volunteer Time Off
    We are proud to sponsor employees volunteering in community programs that promote health and well being. VITAL WorkLife encourages employees to volunteer and pays each employee up to eight hours per year for time away from work to volunteer.
  • Charitable Contributions for Clients
    To assist in our clients’ efforts, VITAL WorkLife will focus participation on corporate donations and sponsorship. Support is available based on financial strength and may vary from year to year. 
  • Matching Employee Charitable Contributions
    To support employee interests and efforts to support the communities where we live and work, VITAL WorkLife offers a company match of employee contributions. Regular, full time employees who contribute at least $25 to an eligible organization will have their gift matched dollar-for-dollar.
  • Employee Volunteering
    Ever year VITAL WorkLife volunteers together as an organization. Volunteering as an organization not only allows us to help local organizations in our community, but it also supports employee well being, teamwork and builds camaraderie and collaboration between colleagues.  

Programs We Have Supported

VITAL WorkLife Team at Habitat Kay-Roberts-Volunteering VITAL WorkLife Group post volunteering with sign 1 Mitch.Barbarba-1-1 Leilani-Lee

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