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Individuals and Families

We help individuals and families build healthy behaviors, supported by experienced behavioral health counselors, consultants and peer coaches. We provide comprehensive solutions for hundreds of thousands of members—wherever they work, live or travel. VITAL WorkLife offers a wide variety of integrated resources designed to help you improve your overall well being, be more productive at work and at home and confront life’s challenges.

Visit our COVID-19 Resource page for a dynamic dashboard of resources to support you and your family members as we deal with these new and unprecedented stressors. 

Your Member Resources from VITAL WorkLife are:

  • Free to you and your family members
  • Confidential—your employer doesn’t know who, when or why anyone uses the resources
  • Available anytime—live phone support is available anytime, day or night

Member Resources

All of our subscription solutions include the following resources—log on to your member website to access your specific program information and online resources or contact us today.

Counseling and In-the-moment behavioral health support

In-the-moment behavioral health support

In-the-moment behavioral health support, with a master’s or doctorate level counselor, is available 24/7 to address concerns or immediate needs when they occur.


Counseling is available in either face-to-face or virtual sessions. Counseling involves analyzing, addressing and resolving problems that impact clients emotionally, or are impairing their ability to function well. It provides professional guidance to the individual, often spending time exploring the individual’s past and exploring emotional turmoil, mental health issues or substance abuse concerns, and looking for links and solutions to issues. Counselors create safe and supportive spaces so that individuals can explore questions like, ‘who am I,’ 'how do I feel' and ‘how do I cope with this.’ Counselors help identify problems and act as a solid support system to assist individuals in gaining strength.

Counseling can help with many concerns, including:

  • Stress & Burnout
  • Depression
  • Conflict & Relationships
  • Dealing with grief or adverse events
  • Sorting through work and life issues
  • Communicating more effectively
  • Relieving depression & anxiety
  • Managing anger
  • Resolving marital & relationship troubles
  • Overcoming legal or financial problems
  • Managing interpersonal conflict at home or at work
  • Achieving healthier work/life integration
  • Addressing addictive behaviors
  • Dealing with drug or alcohol abuse

Financial Consulting Services

VITAL WorkLife offers unlimited, free and confidential phone consultations with one of our financial counselors to help identify possible causes and solutions to financial problems and discuss many options regarding how to best address financial questions and concerns or manage debt. Areas where we can help include:

  • Budgeting: Assess financial health with a consultation and materials for personal or family budgeting, determine monthly net income, expenses and come up with a budget, stay on top of financial well being with credit monitoring and other tools
  • Financial Planning: Our Certified Financial Planners are here to help answer questions related to retirement, estate planning, investments or starting to save for a child’s college expenses
  • Credit and Debt Management: Advice on everything from consolidating debt into one, lower monthly payment and learning ways to improve financial well being to meeting savings and investment goals
  • Bankruptcy and Foreclosure: Advice and financial counseling on bankruptcy issues and foreclosure prevention
  • Identity Theft Prevention and Support: A comprehensive identity theft packet is available on request. This includes information on preventing identity theft as well as the excellent 68-page brochure from the Federal Trade Commission, Taking Charge: What to Do If Your Identity Is Stolen

Legal Services

Legal Advice: Free advice over the phone, generally within one business day.

Local Referral: In-person referrals available to those who may need to retain an attorney. One free half-hour consultation with a local lawyer is provided and a 25% discount off hourly fees may apply if additional assistance is needed.

VITAL WorkLife offers access to the expert counsel of an attorney to address legal questions or concerns, such as:

  • Family Issues: Divorce, separation, child custody, adoption, juvenile issues, guardianship
  • Property & Contracts: Contractor issues, lease agreements, buying or selling a home, foreclosure
  • Criminal Offenses: Traffic tickets, Driving Under the Influence (DUI), domestic violence
  • Financial Issues: Estate planning, probate, tax audits, insurance, bankruptcy, debt collections
  • Personal Injury: Social Security/disability and personal injury lawsuits


Coaching is a partnership focused on creatively helping clients move forward relative to their goals. Successful coaching clients are in a healthy mental and physical state and are prepared to engage in behavior change to achieve their goals and strengthen their personal and professional well being. Coaching in the areas of career decisions, skill building, goal setting and achievement is available to individuals and their family members. Additionally, some solutions include Physician Peer Coaching, Nurse Peer Coaching and Educator Peer Coaching. Contact us to learn more.

VITAL WorkLife App EAP home screen

VITAL WorkLife App

The VITAL WorkLife App is designed to help employees and their families improve their personal and professional lives and to easily access their VITAL WorkLife resources whenever—and wherever—they are needed.

The VITAL WorkLife App offers innovative, effective ways to help individuals face their unique well being challenges.

  • Take Assessments to Evaluate Well Being
  • Access Insights and Videos by Experts
  • Watch your program orientation video and review information about your resources
  • Tap to call or email VITAL WorkLife for support

The VITAL WorkLife App is available on the App Store and Google Play.

VITAL WorkLife Mobile. Available on the App Store:VITAL WorkLife Mobile. Get it on Google Play.


Online Resources

Well Being Insights

Hundreds of Insights, by well being experts, on a wide range of topics are available on our blog.

Member Website

An online portal allowing access to detailed benefit information and a wealth of online resources.

  • Work & Life Resources: A comprehensive library of support topics including parenting, wellness, career development, consumer tips and more. Topics are organized by category and include informative and valuable articles, assessments, audio files, calculators, checklists, glossaries and resource links.
  • Online Seminars: An interactive learning experience available on-demand with new seminars added monthly.
  • Financial & Legal Resources: Unlimited access to financial and legal resources, including tip sheets, calculators, handbooks, online seminars, worksheets, checklists, legal forms and more.

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Learn more about our solutions to help individuals and their families through our top-tier Employee Assistance Programs and other organizational solutions or our unique solutions for physicians, providers and healthcare organizations.

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