As an employer, we help you retain and recruit top talent by standing out as a preferred workplace. Employees with a healthy work/life balance, a holistic approach to well being and support for their well being needs are happier and more productive team members. We are committed to helping you provide expert support for your employees.

Accountability for ResultsMulti-cultural & ages_business casual group

We’re committed to having an experienced account team, including a senior EAP consultant, assigned to each employer organization we serve. Your team will check in regularly with you to review program utilization and outcomes, identify needs and uncover opportunities to increase the effectiveness of any solution we put in place.

As long as you’re our client, we’ll stay active and visible within your company, building a relationship with your employees to keep them healthy—which keeps you happy with the bottom line.

Always Available

At VITAL WorkLife, we are always on call, online and on top of your needs as an employer. We make it easy for you and your employees to quickly access the resources they need, whenever and wherever they need them. We’re always fast, responsive and supportive so employees don’t have to wait to get help.

24/7 Live Phone Support

When you, your employees or members of their extended family call, a real person will answer the phone. You won’t get voice mail; a qualified professional is always available.

Warm Transfers

We know how difficult it is to ask for help so when your employees ask for a face-to-face session, we’ll make every effort to stay on the line and warm transfer them to appropriate professionals in our network. We know participants with scheduled appointments are more likely to follow through on getting the help they need. That’s good for them and a good return on investment for you.

World-Class Web Services

Our member websites are the place to go for information and resources you can trust. You can find info on topics ranging from parenting and eldercare, health and well being, emotional health, career and leadership development, financial planning, pet care, automotive repair and more. You will also find easy-to-use online training modules, interactive webinars, audio files, assessment tools, as well as financial calculators.

Helping You Maximize Your Benefit

Account Management Tools

As a VITAL WorkLife client, your organization’s upper management and supervisors have access to in-depth behavioral expertise designed to help strengthen your leadership, enhance your work environment and grow your business.

Regular Account Reviews

You’ll have ongoing meetings with your VITAL WorkLife Account Manager to review EAP utilization, return on your investment, outcome measurement and satisfaction surveys, as well as discuss your goals and objectives, and how we can support them.

Proactive Knowledge of Your Industry & Organization

Your Account Manager will work hard to stay on top of what’s happening at your organization and in your industry so we be can prepared to assist you should sudden growth or contraction occur — and your Employee Assistance Program can play an important role in making the transition both less traumatic and more productive.

EAP Benefit Promotion

Tools for Boosting Utilization

In the addition to the onsite or online orientation you, your employees and your organization’s managers and supervisors will receive, VITAL WorkLife will remain actively involved in helping you promote your organization’s EAP benefit to your direct reports. Among the services we provide:

Resource Site

We provide on-demand information, tools and resources to help you utilize, promote and communicate the value of your VITAL WorkLife EAP with ease.

  • Employee Engagement Tools and Resources: Posters, Flyers, Postcards, Topical handouts, Benefit overviews
  • Management Tools and Resources: On-demand Manager Training Video, Performance Based Referral forms, Solution Guide, Critical incident Response Overview

Online Training Materials

Online training information and PowerPoint presentations you can use when talking to employees about their EAP.

Monthly Engagement Materials

Your organization can receive our monthly email communication with a new article for your employees and benefit updates. Ongoing new Insights are also available on our website to support your employees.

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