Managers and Supervisors

Improve Workplace Productivity

Manager and employees meetingMost employees who utilize our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) contact us on their own, but an organization’s managers and supervisors are often the first to observe various employee concerns and issues, such as anxiety, depression, poor work performance, absenteeism, presenteeism, safety issues, interpersonal conflict and substance abuse. We offer unlimited telephonic management consultation to help managers and supervisors effectively deal with employee and workplace challenges. Also, we offer a Member Website with extensive online resources to give them the information and tools they need, 24/7.

We encourage managers and supervisors to involve VITAL WorkLife whenever they notice a problem — so we can help them and their employees take action before the situation becomes unmanageable. Here’s a brief overview of the support we can provide:

Return to Work Coaching

Provides consulting by qualified specialists in rehabilitation consulting, psychology and social work to assist employees who have lost time from work due to FMLA, workers compensation and personal leave, as well as other short or long-term disabilities. Our job is to help employees get back to work and be productive as soon as possible. Our proactive approach helps them quickly identify and address any issues that may get in the way of their recovery and return.

Critical Incident Response

Helps your organization deal with crisis situations, such as the loss of an employee or workplace violence, by supporting managers and employees in the aftermath — and helping your employees get back on their feet.

Executive Coaching

Enhances the effectiveness of your management team.

Management Consultation and Performance Based Referrals

A Management Consultation can support managers and supervisors and hels them make sound performance decisions for employees — and assists them in making referrals for EAP services such as chemical dependency evaluations and anger management.

Online Training Materials

Online training information and PowerPoint presentations you can use when talking to employees about their EAP.

Work Group Conflict Resolution

Helps work groups resolve conflicts and disagreements and provides tools for creating and maintaining a positive work environment.

Organization Solutions Guide

For an overview of all our solutions available to support organizations, managers and supervisors and employees, click above to download our solutions guide.

Download EAP Fact Sheet

For in-depth information on our Employee Assistance Program, click above to download our EAP Fact Sheet.