Physician Intervention

Retain your valued physicians by effectively addressing performance issues or disruptive physician behavior

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Physician Intervention

Our Physician Intervention solution helps you make management decisions and reduce litigation risks and potential costs to hire a replacement. We help you retain a valued physician by effectively addressing disruptive behaviors and bring your physician back to being a fully productive member of your medical staff.

Physician Intervention Process

Using our proven, four-phase approach, we help you retain a valued physician, when possible, by effectively addressing issues or behavior to help bring your physician back to being a fully productive member of your medical staff.

Our four-phase protocol includes:

  • Initial Organization Consultation
  • Physician Assessment
  • Case Management
  • Final Organization Consultation

Our goal is to help the organization retain a valued physician by effectively addressing problem behaviors at the earliest possible stages. This program is not typically voluntary for the physician.

Why VITAL WorkLife?

We are passionate about helping physicians become their best selves. In 2007 we launched a dedicated healthcare practice focused on improving physician well being.

  • Over 10 years of involvement working directly with physicians and healthcare organizations to deliver physician intervention programs
  • Unique experience managing hundreds of physician intervention cases with multiple healthcare clients nationwide
  • Dedicated physician clinical leads averaging over 20 years of experience working with clinical staff using our proven four-phase process that includes an organizational consult, physician assessment, monitoring and final recommendations
  • We work closely with both the organization and the physician, for up to a year, to help support and also hold the physician accountable for sustainable behavior change

Proven Results

  • Patient satisfaction scores increased by 20% after a Physician Intervention from VITAL WorkLife.
  • 94% of the physicians that went through an intervention continue to work at the organization.
  • 88% of physicians felt the primary issue was resolved or improved from the intervention.

Watch the Physician Intervention Interview

Our Physician Practice Lead and Senior Consultant, Liz Ferron, MSW, LICSW recently sat down with one of our Physician Peer Coaches, Ronald D. Groat, MD to share best practices and discuss:

  • Common factors contributing to physician performance or behavior concerns
  • How Healthcare leaders can support struggling physicians
  • How to approach a physician who has received complaints
  • How VITAL WorkLife helps organizations and physicians

Watch the Physician Intervention video to learn more.

What our clients are saying...

"The performance of the physician was substantially improved—increasing productivity and easing tension among team members. Additionally, we were able to retain a valuable employee and avoid the high costs of recruitment and loss of productivity.”

—Sal Mancino, Vice President of Human Resources
Stamford Health

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If you have any questions or would like to speak with one of our representatives about one of your physicians, contact us online or by phone at 877.731.3949.

Do Physician Interventions Work? A Resounding YES!

Download our article highlighting pre- and post-intervention survey data from both the organization and physician perspective, and discover the positive impact of a Physician Intervention.

Physician Intervention

For more in-depth information about our Physician Intervention solution and four-phase process, click above to download our Physician Intervention Fact Sheet.