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Physician Well-Being Resources

In an era of unprecedented healthcare challenges, VITAL WorkLife is committed to enhancing physician well-being, addressing burnout and fostering a positive work-life balance.

Improving Healthcare by Supporting Those Who Deliver It

Our specialized well-being programs are specifically designed for physicians, focusing on alleviating stress and enhancing job satisfaction that impacts patient care and organizational outcomes.


Recruitment & Retention

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Care Team Relationships

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Patient Satisfaction Scores

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Patient Quality & Safety

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Physician Engagement

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Your Bottom Line

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Overcoming Burnout, Rediscovering Joy

With decades of experience, we offer comprehensive solutions to empower physicians to restore their joy in medicine. We understand the challenges, including the negative stigma associated with seeking help, and we address key pain points of your physicians, APPs and residents (e.g., burnout and chronic stress, work-life balance and more) with tailored and valuable resources.

More than 5,000 physicians have used VITAL WorkLife for support.

"Having a resource to help me navigate tough issues is a really important thing"

– Physician

“You support people through
very hard careers...
It's just a hard profession, and you get that.

Physician Leader

“You help the person distill down to get to the root so they can be happier and more effective."


“We tout your solutions to physician groups when they’re joining or when recruiting new physicians."

Healthcare Organizational Leader

“You support growth and development—at work but also with family. People need to find that work-life balance so they can be there for their family, too."


Client Relationships

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Numbers Speak: Combining Impact and Insights

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Physician engagement rates 10x that of traditional solutions

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98% retention rate for Physician Well-Being Resources clients

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92% said Peer Coaching helped them stay in their role and/or in medicine

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Expertise Behind Every Solution

Our team of seasoned professionals and healthcare experts, bring strength, empathy and innovation to every aspect of well-being for physicians, APPs and residents.

Compassionate Peer Support

Our program pairs physicians with expert peer coaches, creating an environment rooted in shared experiences and mutual understanding. This personalized approach fosters sustainable well-being and professional growth.

Comprehensive Resources

We offer a holistic suite of resources to support both the professional and personal well-being of physicians. Our tools are carefully crafted to meet the diverse and evolving needs of healthcare professionals.

Proactive Well-Being Focus

We emphasize prevention and continuous support, helping physicians proactively cultivate a healthy work-life balance. Our proactive approach is designed to prevent burnout and nurture ongoing well-being.

Physician Well-Being Resources

Physician Peer Coaching

A unique, collaborative partnership pairing physicians with qualified peer coaches with firsthand experience with the medical profession’s unique challenges. The Physician Peer Coaching program focuses on meeting personal and professional goals, enhancing well-being, and navigating work-life balance challenges.

Our physician peer coaches are professionally certified in a variety of specialty areas and are passionate about helping colleagues achieve personal and professional goals, including: 

  • Leadership development
  • Reducing stress and burnout
  • Work-life integration
  • Improving communication 
  • Honing conflict resolution skills
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Finding joy, meaning and purpose in medicine
WorkLife Concierge

Help physicians and their families to maximize their limited time and enhance their quality of life with around-the-clock assistance. From managing everyday tasks like shopping and appointment scheduling to handling special requests and needs such as party planning, entertainment or travel arrangements, the WorkLife Concierge alleviates the stress of juggling responsibilities alone. This comprehensive support extends to finding childcare solutions, home and auto services, senior care and more.

Counseling and In-the-Moment Behavioral Health Support

In-the-Moment Behavioral Health Support

In the wake of unexpected challenges we offer immediate support 24/7/365 and access to master’s doctorate level behavioral health counselors, when you need it most.


Beyond immediate needs, we also offer ongoing counseling services. Through scheduled sessions, our master’s and doctorate-level counselors create a safe space for you to explore personal and professional challenges, developing tools for lasting well-being. This confidential support covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Stress and burnout
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Marital conflict and relationships
  • Grief or adverse events
  • Work and life issues
  • Communication
  • Managing anger
  • Marital and relationship troubles
  • Legal or financial problems
  • Interpersonal conflict at home or at work
  • Work life integration
  • Addictive behaviors

HIPAA Privacy Practices


Our coaching services align with diverse needs, including career decision-making, skill-building, goal-setting and overcoming personal obstacles. Available to individuals and their family members, this approach unlocks potential and sustains motivation for positive change. By addressing barriers to change, our coaches empower clients to make impactful decisions and foster meaningful growth. We offer:

  • Parent Coaching
  • Nurse Peer Coaching
  • Educator Peer Coaching
  • Life Coaching

Click here to learn more about coaching and the differences between coaching vs. counseling ›

VITAL Worklife App

A comprehensive digital tool designed to help clinicians and physicians with their personal and professional lives. The app offers innovative ways to address users’ unique well-being challenges effectively.

Access Resources

  • Connect directly to the WorkLife Concierge site.
  • Tap to call or email VITAL WorkLife
  • Learn more about Peer Coaching and tap to schedule your initial intake appointment.
  • Review information about VITAL WorkLife resources.
  • View our library or Well-Being Insights.
  • Watch relevant videos from the VITAL WorkLife channel.
  • Watch your orientation video for a five-minute overview of VITAL WorkLife Well-Being Resources.

Take Assessments to Evaluate Well-being

  • Assessments for each of the seven dimensions of well-being (professional, physical, financial, legal, meaning and purpose, emotional and relational)
  • The Well-Being Index, based on validated research conducted by the Mayo Clinic
  • Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI)
  • Mindfulness Attention Awareness Scale (MAAS)
  • After completing each assessment, individuals receive recommendations based on their results and can set personal goals with reminders to stay on task.
Well Being Advocate Program

Equip internal well-being champions with the necessary tools and training to foster a culture of well-being within healthcare organizations. Well-Being Advocates are a critical link between VITAL WorkLife and your healthcare professionals, guiding peers toward resources that enhance overall well-being. They engage in a structured curriculum that promotes optimal integration of well-being practices and ensures every healthcare provider has the support they need.

"The Well Being Advocate program is a fantastic opportunity. It’s provided a wide range of resources to help us best support our providers in all aspects of their well being. It is so comforting to know VITAL WorkLife is our partner in care!

— Well Being Advocate at Community Health Network

If you are a Well Being Advocate, access your Advocate Program Resources here.

If you need your password, contact us at 877.731.3949.

Financial Consulting Services

Get Unlimited, confidential phone consultations with financial counselors. These cover budgeting, financial planning, credit and debt management, bankruptcy and foreclosure and identity theft prevention and support. Our accredited financial planners offer expert guidance to address and strategize financial well-being.

Legal Services

Our Legal Assistance services offer access to legal advice and local attorney referrals for personal and professional matters. From family law and financial issues to personal injury, property & contracts and criminal offenses, our network provides free initial consultations and discounted rates for continued support.

Online Resources

Our online resources go beyond traditional support with articles and insights designed specifically for healthcare professionals. Our Member Website and digital resources cover various topics, from wellness and career development to well-being, parenting and personal finance, all organized for easy access. 

These topics include seminars, assessments, audio files, calculators, checklists, glossaries, resource links, and other tools that are all continuously updated to provide relevant insights and support for our client’s well-being.

Leadership Consultations and Coaching

We empower healthcare leaders with the skills to support their teams effectively. VITAL WorkLife consultants provide custom support to address challenges such as managing stress within the team or navigating disruptive behavior. The goal is clear: to equip leaders with the strategies they need to foster a healthy and engaging work environment.

Guide to Client Success

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Our guide to client success ensures successful integration and ongoing engagement for our well-being resources within healthcare organizations. From the initial discovery to implementation, we offer consultative account management, data-driven insights and comprehensive orientation and training resources aimed at achieving well-being for all employees. Our mission is to be the trusted partner in supporting the well-being of healthcare organizations and their staff, and we are committed to continual improvement and best practices.


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